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    Our Turf:

    The key to a good lawn is in the preparation of the ground. Initially we clear the area of existing vegetation and debris. Then we concentrate on preparing the soil by rotavating, digging, raking and adding top soil, or conditioner if necessary. The end result of the preparation is an even surface with a fine tilth. The ground is then ready to be covered with turf. We use a variety of high quality turfs for every situation, which include fine grass, amenity grass and shade tolerant grass.

    Camomile Lawns:

    Camomile lawns are a great alternative to grass. They have the benefits of, being low maintenance, easily established and subtly fragrant.


    The Benefits:

    There are many benefits of having a lawn.

    •    An instant transformation to a garden.
    •    An area that can be used for socialising.
    •    An enjoyable and safe surface for children to play on.
    •    They create a frame for the rest of the garden.
    •    A good environment for wildlife.
    •    Easier to maintain than a herbaceous border.
    •    Reduces flooding, as rain water is absorbed by the turf and soil.